What’s the difference between a venue coordinator & a wedding planner?

Why you still need a wedding planner…even if your venue has a coordinator!

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Okay, let’s be real. You’ve definitely had this thought when planning your wedding: “My venue includes a coordinator, so I don’t need to hire a wedding planner”. Am I right?

Unless you are in the wedding industry, you probably had no idea that these were two totally different things! Don’t get me wrong, here. Venue coordinators are SUPER important. They do much of the leg work at your venue and are involved in some pretty major details. If you’re wondering, some of their duties include:

  • Recommend preferred vendors that they work with

  • Give you a tour of the space and book it with you

  • Explain the rules of their property

  • Set up a tasting if catering is provided on site

  • Make sure tables, chairs, and place settings are properly set up if they provide them

  • Take care of any property issues on your wedding day

  • Lock up the venue at the end of the night

These are just a few examples of what your wonderful venue coordinator will handle. You might be thinking, “This is all I need. I’ll just have a friend or family member help set up favors and signs on the wedding day and I can plan the rest.” Let me tell you: the last thing you want is for your mom or your maid of honor missing out on some photos or quality time with you on your wedding day because you sent them to set up your favors and other details (which can be pretty time consuming depending on the amount of things you need set up). And honestly, if you are someone who works long or odd hours (or even a normal, full time job), trying to find time to plan a wedding can be extremely stressful. One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make is assuming your venue coordinator will be your wedding planner. This is not the case! Your venue coordinator is just that: a venue coordinator. In need of some extra help? Cue: your wedding planner!

is a wedding planner really that different from a venue coordinator?

Answer: yes, we are! We handle details (big and small), coordinate and recommend vendors, and assist you with design and the overall look of your wedding. But most of all:

We’re your peace of mind!

How are we different from venue coordinators? Why should you invest in a wedding planner (even if your venue has a coordinator)? Here’s where we’re different:

  • Wedding planners will be with you from start to finish

  • We will help you design your dream day

  • Help with your budget

  • We work with all of your vendors (including your venue coordinator) to make sure everything is communicated properly between each vendor

  • Assemble a master timeline and layout (your venue coordinator may also assist on the layout)

  • Review vendor contracts

  • Answer etiquette questions and offer advice

  • We attend vendor meetings and coordinate your rehearsal

  • Set up details on your wedding day and handle the general flow

  • Attend to your needs and the needs of your wedding party and family members

  • Cue the DJ or musicians and the wedding party for ceremony and reception events

  • Handle any wedding day emergencies

  • We are your advocates, making sure every detail is just how you dreamed while being transparent and honest with you

still unsure?

There are many responsibilities that overlap between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner. But at the end of the day, when it comes to your wedding, why not make sure that there is someone there to handle every detail? Someone who can answer all of your questions and who has been through the process? If you find the right one, your wedding planner and venue coordinator will work together to make your wedding day dreams a reality!

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