Whether you’ve been dreaming of it since you were little. Or you’re just now creating a Pinterest board – allow your day to unfold the way you’ve always imagined it would. 

From the moment your partner sees you for the first time until the last dance you two share, I am dedicated to you and your vision. 

Nicole Taylor Events is a boutique wedding planner dedicated to creating and designing unparalleled weddings in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond for madly-in-love couples.


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Hi, I'm Nicole! And I want to plan your wedding.

My love for weddings has always been there.  As a young girl, I remember being fascinated with all things wedding (especially bridal gowns). I've probably seen every show and movie related to weddings, and they never get old! My business was created after planning my own wedding, and realizing that I could combine my love people and weddings, and get be a part of one of the most important days of my couple's lives. I never get tired of hearing how my couples meet, their proposal stories, and getting the opportunity to create their one of a kind dream day.

Creating a remarkable experience that’s as unique as you is more than designing your venue space or deciding on gorgeous centerpieces. 

It means cultivating a relationship with you that lasts longer than the several months leading up to your big day. 

It means taking out the stress that comes from planning every detail of your wedding. It’s about letting you bask in this stage of your life so you can enjoy the experience leading up to the amazing reality that is marriage. 

It means understanding your bold decisions for your day and bringing them to life, just like you dreamed. 

I’m so grateful to be a part of this journey with you!

The lead planner and designer behind Nicole Taylor Events

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my heart beats for

The start to Nicole Taylor Events, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to be a part of your day without my husband and son!

My Family.

Yep. I eat it out of a mug.  It's the perfect size (and the handle is a plus).

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM (in a mug, please!).

You know the lighthouse? That’s where my husband proposed! We take a family trip to Santa Cruz every year. 

Trips to santa Cruz.

If it’s up to me, I’m always watching reruns of The Office and That 70’s Show. I love them so much that I’ve bought the DVDs to watch for when streaming platforms decide to get rid of them. Because we all know how Netflix loves to do that to us. 

Reruns of the best shows ever.

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Just a few things I care a great deal about

Creating your dream wedding day is more than just walking around with a clipboard and designing your tablescapes. It’s learning all about you. The most treasured part of my client experience is getting to know you and growing our relationship. Not only does it help me understand your wedding day vision, but it allows me to create a lasting relationship with you and your partner! 

empathy and compassion

During the wedding planning process, I will always come to every meeting and appointment with honesty first. I’ll be open with you and communicate realistically so we can make the best decisions for your day. 


I stand firmly against copied and pasted weddings. You have so many unique facets that create your love story. And those all deserve the spotlight on your big day! With non-cookie cutter weddings, I’ll work with you to uncover the most beautiful details about you and your partner and highlight them on your wedding day. 

non-cookie cutter weddings

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Whether you are local to the area, or planning from out of state; whether you want a small wedding or you want to invite everyone you know; no matter if you want a simple design or something "over the top", I can't wait to get to know you and create a planning environment that is welcoming and personalized to you!