A sneak peek from other couples’ dream wedding days -
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Wedding Planning portfolio

A wedding planning service that creates a day around you can make all the difference between feeling stressed and frazzled or feeling at ease so you can be present during your dream day. 

Take a look at my past clients who trusted me to plan, design, and create their day. 

Tailored to Your Love Story

Decor plays such an integral part of your wedding day. The right decor can elevate your day to create an unmatched guest experience. I created this checklist as a helpful tool to make sure you don't miss out on any decor options at your wedding! It contains many of the obvious decor elements (such as centerpieces) as well as some you may not have thought about (hello, custom thank you notes)!  If you're worried about missing out on certain decor elements, let this checklist be your ultimate guide!

the ultimate
decor checklist