Coordination vs Planning

which is right for you?

One of the most common questions I get when people inquire with me is “What is the difference between coordination and planning?”. It’s not uncommon for people to mistake the two as pretty much the same thing and it can be a daunting task to decide which one is right for you. After all, is there really that much of a difference? I’m here to clear things up!

Photo courtesy of SRGK Studio

a wedding coordinator will…

  • Handle details such as the floor plan, timeline, and logistics.

  • Take over vendor communication a month before your wedding.

  • Ensure all rules are followed at your venue, including when and where vendors can load in, when we can access the venue, and what other things that are allowed on property (like open flames and real flower petals).

  • Go over all of your plans in a detailed meeting (this is dependent on you essentially planning your wedding yourself).

  • Make sure your plans are turned into a reality.

  • Ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day! We will make sure your tables are set on time, line up and cue your wedding party for the ceremony and reception, make sure vendors are on time for their respective roles, and manage your reception events (dances, cake cutting, etc.)!

  • Be the person behind the scenes creating the magic.

First things first: distinguishing the two. A planner generally will be around for the entirety of your wedding planning process. A coordinator is meant to gather last minute details (generally four to six weeks before your wedding) and will handle wedding day management.

a wedding planner will…

  • Be your guide through it all!

  • Keep you on track with budget, due dates, and attend vendor meetings.

  • Create a concept and design your wedding day down to the last detail.

  • Have a hand in selecting your vendors (and offer recommendations).

  • Handle vendor communication and any problems that arise.

  • Be as involved as you want us to be.

  • Handle all timeline, floor plan, and detail logistics.

  • Offer you the peace of mind you need when planning your dream day!

  • Give you access to the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained through years of experience.

  • Be there handling every single detail on your wedding day, making sure you are taken care of and can relax and enjoy the day!

  • Ensure that your day turns out exactly how you planned and envisioned.

Having a planner is so worth it if you want to have someone keep you on track for budget and timeline, design your day, and ensure that you have the most amazing experience (with memories to match)!


It’s important to note your needs before reaching out to a planner or a coordinator. Knowing what you need can help determine whether a planner or a coordinator would be a better fit. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Time. How much time do you have to plan? If you have a full time job or just a demanding job in general, a planner can definitely help take some of the stress away! If you don’t have a lot of time to plan, a wedding planner can come alongside you and make sure your wedding is planned exactly how you want it. On the opposite side, if you have a job that allows you a lot of free time or you have just always envisioned planning you wedding yourself, a coordinator might work out great!

  • Decision making. If you are someone who has a tough time making decisions, it may be a huge benefit for you to hire a planner! A wedding planner can guide you in your decision making and help you weigh out the pros and cons of different situations. If you are someone who makes clear, concise decisions, then you may do well with a coordinator! You. may be able to plan your wedding efficiently, but still want someone there on the wedding day making it happen.

  • Peace of mind. Ultimately, a planner or coordinator can offer you the stress free day that you know you will want. Nobody wants to worry about directing set up or greeting vendors on their wedding day. Having someone there that you trust, no matter how big or small the event, is priceless!

If you want everything from the planning down to your wedding day to go off without a hitch, both a planner and a coordinator would be the most beneficial. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need. This is why it’s always recommended that you jump on a call with whoever you are thinking of hiring to handle your day. They will be able to answer all of your questions and be able to determine if you are a good fit to work together!

To learn more about my planning and coordination services, feel free to reach out on my contact page! Whether you’re looking for coordination or full service planing, I’d love to connect!