Being Prepared for Everything…

What’s in my wedding day kit?

I’ve been planning weddings for a while now, and I love it! There are so many things that need to be accounted for and prepped for. As your wedding planner, you entrust me to be prepared for anything and everything when it comes to your wedding day. I’ve come across so many different situations on wedding days (you truly never know what will happen on an event day!) and I’ve used almost every tool in my kit at least once. After almost every event, I add something new to it because I either wish I had it or thought it would be useful in the future.

If you have been a couple of mine and have seen me show up to (or leave) your wedding, you have probably wondered what is in my large, rolling bag. Wonder no more! This kit comes with me to every wedding and houses all of my tools (beyond what I carry in my apron). And planners: I hope you find this useful! Maybe it will spark an idea or give you something to add to your own kit. On the flip side, if you have anything that I missed let me know!

Here’s what’s inside:


•Makeup wipes

•Oil blotting wipes


•Cotton pads

•Clear nail polish

•Nail file

•Nail polish remover

•Nail clippers


•Nail glue

•Eyelash glue

•Eyelash curler

•False eyelashes (replaced if used)

•Deodorant (men’s and women’s)

•Perfume (usually a small sample size of a neutral smell)

•Dry shampoo




•Face powder

•Makeup setting spray

•Cream blush

•Liquid eyeliner


•Clear eyebrow gel

•Chapstick or vaseline

•Baby powder

•Feminine products

•Breath mints and gum


•Pocket mirror

•Comb and brush

•Pencil sharpener

•Bobby pins (in different colors)

•Hair ties and clear rubber bands

•Baby wipes

•Spare set up stud earrings (pearl, cubic zirconia, something blue)

•Tide To-Go pen or Shout wipes

•Safety pins in various sizes

•Sewing kit with various size needles and multiple thread colors

•Hem tape

•Double sided tape

•Lint roller


•Wrinkle spray

•Straws (so you don’t ruin your lipstick!)

•Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste

•Static guard

•Ring polish or jewelry wipes

•Earring backs

•Ring sizing tape


First Aid

•Band-aids (in all shapes, colors, and sizes)


•Advil and Tylenol

•Shoe inserts and heel pads

•Blister pads


•Non-drowsy allergy medicine/Benadryl

•Gauze pads


•Cough drops

•Hand santizer

•Alcohol wipes

•Ace bandage

•Bug spray

•Disposable gloves (non-latex)

•Face masks

•Sanitizing wipes


Ring slipper (for when you need to remove your ring!)


•Spare set of rings (just in case)

•Spare garter

•Boutonniere pins

•Floral tape

•Floral wire

•Clear fishing line



•Pipe cleaners (these take off the orange pollen left by lilies!)

•Copies of vows

•Copies of readings

•Lysol wipes

•Black folder to hold the marriage license

•Pens (non-smudge pens to sign the guest book and marriage license – do not use ball point ink in case the guest book has laminated or shiny pages since the ink will smear)

•Chalk paint pen

•Double sided tape

•Clear glue dots

Stick-um candle adhesive



•Lighters or matches

•Zip ties


•Snacks (I ALWAYS have these)

•Walkies and radios (we use in ears to avoid guests hearing)


•White chalk (covers up last minute smudges on wedding gowns

•Clear tape and duck tape

•Gorilla or Krazy glue

•Extension cord and power strip

•Phone charger

•Rubber bands

•Change of shoes

•No-show socks

•Measuring tape



•Wire cutters

•Command hooks


One final note: if you’re just starting out and looking for a sturdy kit, a craft kit like this one works great with all of the compartments. You can also look into this one if you want to invest a little more!